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The perfect media kit

Every business needs a free promotional tool that can help spread the word about the company as a whole, including its history, function and all of its products and services. This is what a media kit attempts to do. A company’s media kit can be as simple as a page on the company’s website. It can also go further by taking the form of a packet of information, sent to a particular segment of the media. Years ago, companies presented their media kit in folders and cardboard boxes. However, with digital advances, media kits can be viewed on a company’s web page or attached to an email.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is an information package that provides journalists and customers with basic information about your company. This information includes the company logo, branding and several other promotional items. Often adopted as a promotional tool, a media kit is used by a company to project itself exactly the way it wants customers to perceive it. A media kit can be used to promote the launch of a new business, promote the launch of a new product by an existing business, promote the rebranding of an existing promotion, etc. An ideal media kit is often compiled by marketing consultants. Image Marketing recognizes that creating an ideal media kit is more than just compiling the company’s information. It is very important that a company’s media kit is tailored to its industry and the industry in which it operates. This is not only important for business-to-business (B2B) relationships, but also for business-to-customer (B2C) transactions. We provide a detailed media kit, resulting from a detailed study of the type of business you have, the target market, your competitors and the industry as a whole.

What to include in a media kit?

The content of a media kit often depends on the type of business the company is in and why it needs it; in fact, a media kit needs these elements to be effective:
  1. Biography: The biography is usually no more than a paragraph long, but gives the reporter an overview of who the company is and what they stand for.- Contact Information: This is usually needed in order to provide a candidate who can easily be interviewed. A public relations contact is an excellent option. A business card should also be included in a media kit so that you can be easily accessible.
  2. Branding & Theme : A visual aspect of your company goes a long way in making an attractive media kit. Therefore, you should strive to include beautifully shot, high-resolution images in your media kit that journalists can use for their stories.
  3. Company Logo : Including this information in your media kit makes your company easier to recognize and identify in the event that the story ends up being aired. As a crucial aspect of your business, your brand and logo is one of the first things you should have in your media kit. A business card should also be included in a media kit so that you can be easily accessible.
  4. Images : A visual aspect of your company goes a long way in making an attractive media kit. Therefore, you should strive to include beautifully shot, high-resolution images in your press kit that journalists can use for their stories.
  5. Commercial brochure: A good media kit contains a company brochure that outlines some of the company’s accomplishments, what it hopes to achieve, its moments of success and so on.
  6. Testimonials: Testimonials from past customers should also be included in your media kit, as it presents your company as a credible business.
  7. Products and samples: If you sell products, it would also be important to include sample images of your products in your media kit.
  8. Media Coverage: If you have ever had a press release, interviews, or if your company has been mentioned in a podcast, you should also include this in your media kit.
  9. Accomplishments: Accomplishments and recognition should not be left out, as they help build your credibility.
  10. Social Media: Your social media presence, if any, should also be highlighted in your media kit.
Finally, having a media kit makes it easier for correspondents to talk about you accurately, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you still need to network and put yourself out there if you want to spread media coverage for your business.

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Why should you hire a Marketing Consultant for your business?

Successfully becoming a business owner involves more than just starting up a business. To expand your horizon, you need to adopt marketing strategies and methods with concrete statistics. As a business owner, combining the management of your business with a factor such as sourcing for clients and branding your business may be such a tedious task. This is where marketing consultants come in.

A marketing consultant is a skilled professional, who has expertise in customer attraction and engagement strategies, identification of unique business opportunities and improvement of general business outlook and performance. There are some marketing consultants globally.

Image Marketing is a network of marketing specialists with experts in areas like graphic designing, financial advisory, real estate development, accounting and so on. As professionals, Image marketing consultants assist companies to advertise their products, not only offline but online too, targeting customers through digital and online marketing. We also render personalized services, to suit your needs in addition to helping your brand and rebrand your product.

Some reasons you need the services of a marketing consultant include:

  1. To create and implement marketing strategies: A marketing consultant will help your business development strategies centered on every service and product your business offers. This is done through the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a detailed marketing plan.

  2. They have better knowledge of consumers behavior and marketing process: A marketing consultant understands product positioning and target marketing. They help you position your product or service offering in a way that would attract more customers.

  3. Improved sales through creative and analytical thinking: Marketing consultant will help you come up with ways to give your product or service a competitive advantage. They also emphasize this advantage in your product, through branding and rebranding, thereby affecting how clients perceive your product or service.

  4. A marketing consultant will help your product or service reach a wider audience through great advertising and digital marketing.

Once you understand why you need a marketing consultant, you should also decide the kind of marketing consultant you want to hire. Depending on your preference, you can either hire an in-house marketing consultant, a local marketing consultant; or you can get a marketing consultant who is not near your business. However, it is always beneficial to hire a local marketing consultant because:

  1. They give you objective views which can rejuvenate your marketing efforts

  2. Local marketing consultants always stay abreast with the current trends; your business can not lag behind

  3. Unlike full-time employees, marketing consultants do not have to be given time to learn the ropes as they have deep knowledge of marketing issues.

  4. You can also get tax reduction benefits by hiring a local marketing consultant

  5. Due to their huge years of experience, local marketing consultants may have contacts that can help your business grow.

  6. Sometimes, local marketing consultants offer cheaper rates too

  7. They understand the interests of target demographics in your area and will help you come up with ways to attract markets from other areas and internationally.

  8. Local marketing consultants are concerned about maintaining their reputation. So they do their best to deliver and execute tasks properly and on time too.

  9. Marketing consultancy firms usually have experts from different fields so that you would be getting an expert marketer in your field.

Finally, obtaining the service of a marketing consultant is more of an investment than an expense. This is because, with every success achieved in any marketing campaign implemented, you get to recoup with profit, all you have invested in the process of hiring a marketing consultant.