Are you short on inspiration and unsure of how to proceed with your business launch? You are not alone and we can help! Every new business needs a unique presentation.

Whether it’s a logo that inspires confidence, a captivating brand image, memorable brand identities or a customized toolkit that reflects your image, Image Marketing helps you launch your business with confidence!

Our services are customized, here are some examples:

  1. Registration and incorporation
  2. Identification of the mission and values of your company
  3. Definition of the brand image
  4. Logo design
  5. Composition of the branding (and/or rebranding)
  6. Identification of your customer base and target market
  7. Design of business cards
  8. Creation of brochures and flyers
  9. Design of packaging, labels, menus…
  10. Creation of websites
  11. Advertising campaigns


Conception de logos et image de marque.



Business cards, letterheads and layouts, brochures, etc. strategies to stimulate valuable engagements with your audience to grow your business.

Image Marketing - Branding


Design of packaging, labels, menus, etc.

The first consultation is free and assesses your specific needs and allows us to better guide you.
The meeting lasts one hour and will be held at your office or workplace. At the end of the meeting, you will receive our recommendations in a clear and easy to understand format.
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